2023: Charged Up

Robot Name: Lawn Mower

Drive: Swerve

Unique Features: Robot can intake from the floor and process the cone game piece in any orientation

Results: Central Illinois Regional Finalist, Seven Rivers Regional Finalist, Regional Impact Award, Roboteer Rumble Winner

In-season Record: 31-15-1

2022: Rapid React Presented By The Boeing Company

Robot Name: U.S.S. Cupcake

Drive: 5-Wheel Swerve

Unique Features: Drives up the truss to climb to the traversal rung, 360-degree turret

Results: Central Illinois Regional Finalist, St. Louis Regional Finalist, Green Country Regional Winner, 2x Regional Creativity Award, 1x Regional Autonomous Award, World Championship Creativity Award

In-season Record: 49-16-1

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2021: Infinite Recharge At Home Challenge

Robot Name: Ankle Biter

Drive: Swerve

Unique Features: Small and light to improve acceleration, two intakes to improve Galactic Search time

Results: Chromium Group Skills Competition Winner

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2020/2021: Infinite Recharge

Name: Tirefire

Drive: Swerve

Unique Features: 26″ wheelchair wheel shooter maintains inertia to enable 3/4 field shots

Results: 2x Offseason Competition Winner, Autonomous Award (Infinite Recharge At Home Challenge)

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2019: Destination: Deep Space Presented By The Boeing Company

Robot Name: Cpl. Baker

Drive: Swerve

Unique Features: Lateral ball/hatch positioning using tape line detection, Center of Gravity adjustment to enable double climb

Results: Central Illinois Winner, Seven Rivers #1 seed, IRI Finalist, Innovation in Control Award, Safety Award

In-season Record: 47-16-1

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2018: FIRST Power Up

Drive: Swerve with Power Take Off (PTO)

Unique Features: Rotating extendable arm, 3-cube scale autonomous mode

Results: 3x Regional Winner, Regional Chairman’s Award, 2x Excellence in Engineering Award

In-Season Record: 59-6-1

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2017: FIRST Steamworks

Robot Name: ArmaGEARdon

Drive: Shifting Swerve

Unique Features: Fast gear mechanism, autonomous and teleoperated fuel shooting

Results: Central Illinois #1 Seed and Winner, Judges Award, Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (Matt D)

In-season Record: 34-11-0

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2016: FIRST Stronghold

Robot Name: Broadside

Drive: 6 Wheel Tank Drive

Unique Features: High shooter that could vision track the goal. Could shoot from each defense location

Results: World Champion, 2x Regional Winner, 1x #1 Seed, Innovation in Control Award

In-Season Record: 52-8-0

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2015: Recycle Rush

Robot Name: Ms. Stac-man

Drive: Swerve

Unique Features: Front and back can grabber arms, 3-yellow-tote autonomous, could make full stacks of 6 totes + cans from the Landfill area

Results: 2x Regional #1 Seed and Winner, Tesla Division #1 Seed, Quality Award, Industrial Design Award

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2014: Aerial Assist

Robot Name: GARE-E (Globe Acquisition And Relay Engine Earthclass)

Drive: Swerve

Unique Features: Adjustable Release Point and Angle Catapult, 180 Degree Flexible Shaft Intake

Results: Wisconsin Regional Winner, World Championship Galileo Division Winner, Innovation in Control Award, Creativity Award

In-Season Record: 35-16-1

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2013: Ultimate Ascent

Robot Name: Optimus Climb

Drive: 4 Wheel Shifting Tank Drive

Unique Features: 180 degree wheeled frisbee shooter, 30 point pyramid climber

Results: Wisconsin Regional Finalist, Innovation in Control Award

In-Season Record: 25-15-0

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2012: Rebound Rumble

Robot Name: Sharp Shootin’ Schaidle

Drive: 8 Wheel Tank Drive

Unique Features: Roller intake with 2-wheel, PID-controlled shooter

Results: Wisconsin Regional Finalist and #1 Seed

In-Season Record: 24-8-0

2011: Logo Motion

Robot Name: Sir K

Drive: Mecanum

Unique Features: 8 ft. extendable arm with 2-axis claw, mini-bot climbed a 12 ft. pole in 0.8 seconds

Results: World Championship Quarterfinalist

In-Season Record: 11-14-0

2010: Breakaway

Robot Name: Aluminum Falcon

Drive: Mecanum

Unique Features: Pneumatic kicker, climbing arm

Results: Wisconsin Regional Finalist and #1 Seed

In-Season Record: 15-2-0

2009: Lunacy

Robot Name: The Kraken

Drive: 4 Wheel Tank Drive (Required Slick Wheels)

Unique Features: Roller intake, roller shooter, empty cell transporter mechanism

Results: Wisconsin Regional Semifinalist

In-Season Record: 7-5-0

2008: Overdrive

Robot Name: Black Pearl

Drive: 4 wheel Tank Drive

Unique Features: Automated game piece removal lever

Results: Rookie Inspiration Award

In-Season Record: 3-5-0